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TruSpace Drawings from TruSpace
2006-02-02 Test fit of rear suspension
2006-04-09 Attaching the new rear section
2006-04-23 Bolting on the suspension, Car gets to sit on its own feet.
2006-05-04 Making rocker arm brackets for the coil over shocks.
2006-05-10 Attaching the rocker arms to the chassis
2006-05-14 More bracing for the rocker arms
2006-05-17 Test fit of transmission with coupler.
2006-05-21 Engine fit test, Rear mounts for transmission
2006-05-24 Front engine mounts and rear trans mounts get attached
2006-05-31 Chassis cleaning .. getting ready for paint
2006-06-04 The chassis is painted
2006-06-07 The crew
2006-06-09 Front axle
2006-06-11 Making brackets for Nitrous bottles, water tank installed
2006-06-14 Nitrous bottle brackets are attached.
2006-06-18 Rear suspension is together
2006-06-21 Engine and transmission are back in for measurements
2006-07-09 Kens new bike. Sway bar, plate and bracing get added to the lakester